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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis Department of Public Works is donating millions of dollars to neighborhood infrastructure projects.

More than $ 2.2 in matching grants will fund 12 projects in 2021. They include sidewalk repairs and an expansion of the building. Indianapolis Culture Trail. All projects are carried out with the help of neighborhood groups and non-profit organizations.

Announcing the funds Thursday, Mayor Joe Hogsett said: “Not only are preferred neighborhood projects done where neighborhoods and nonprofits partner with the city, but these projects are also moved to the priority list. , so that they are carried out more quickly. , faster.”

Since the inception of the Neighborhood Infrastructure Partnership Program four years ago, the city has funded 45 neighborhood projects.

Indy Neighborhood Infrastructure Partnership Projects 2021

Here is a list from Hannah Scott-Carter, public information manager for the Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW), of the projects:

  • Cardinal Cove Homeowners Association: Indy DPW will match funds provided by the Cardinal Cove Homeowners Association to repair sidewalks at 10 locations. Located near Hague Road and 82nd Street, the sidewalks of this subdivision have not been the subject of major repairs since its construction in the early 1980s.
  • Castle Cove Owners Association: Indy DPW will partner with this neighborhood to build new sidewalks at three locations to connect to existing sidewalks, creating a safer neighborhood for walking, cycling and driving.
  • Indianapolis Culture Trail: Indy DPW will partner with the expansion of Indianapolis Cultural in South Street from New Jersey Street to Capitol Avenue, and Indiana Avenue from West Street to 10th Street. The expansion of Indiana Avenue Trail will strengthen neighborhood engagement and investments in the 16 Tech Innovation District. Grant funds complement other funding and grants to make the project possible.
  • Washington Township MSD: Indy DPW will partner with the Washington Township School District and area neighborhood associations to create safer pedestrian access along Westfield Boulevard near North Central High School and Northview Middle School. The project will include new sidewalks on the east side of Westfield Boulevard from 83rd to 86th Street.
  • Wayne Township MSD: Indy DPW will provide funds to re-surf the pavement and improve the curbs of Wayne Avenue and West Henry Street adjacent to Rhoades Elementary School. The roads are near a new entry and exit point for buses, reducing congestion during peak hours.
  • Overcome ministries: Indy DPW will partner to rehabilitate the broken sidewalks in front of the 2225 Yandes Street building, which was recently acquired by Overcoming Ministries. This project will make deliveries and pedestrian access safer as the church expands its community services in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood.
  • Municipalities of Pickwick: Indy DPW will partner with this neighborhood of 80 houses to resurface streets that have not seen major work since the development of the subdivision in the late 1960s. Roads include Wickham Road, Pimbury Court, Alderly Road and Alderly Court.
  • Foundation of the historic district of Saint-Joseph: Indy DPW will provide funds to replace sidewalks in more than a dozen areas of this neighborhood just north of downtown Indianapolis. Improved sidewalks will give residents safer access to homes and businesses in the area. The upgrades will also make access to nearby amenities easier and safer, including the Indianapolis Culture Trail.
  • Riverside Habitat for Humanity: Indy DPW will partner to rehabilitate the sidewalk around a Riverside neighborhood along West 18th Street near Montcalm Street. This project aims to complement Indy DPW’s plans to extend the Fall Creek Trail through the neighborhood.
  • The Academy of Oaks: Indy DPW will team up to repair the sidewalks of Columbia Avenue outside The Oaks Academy. Rehabilitating these sidewalks will not only improve access to the building for students and faculty, but also improve residential and commercial growth in the area.
  • City of Meridian Hills: Indy DPW is partnering with the City of Meridian Hills for their latest phase of improving connectivity and pedestrian safety. This project will install new sidewalks along 75th Street East, from Spring Mill Road to Meridian Street.
  • Town of Williams Creek: Indy DPW will partner to rebuild the intersection of Hillcrest Road and High Drive, which has not undergone major repairs in decades. The resurfacing of the road is to be carried out after the construction of several new houses in the area.

You will find more information on the program and partner projects on indy.gov/DPW.


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