2021’s Best No Credit Check Loans: Top 4 Platforms For Bad Credit Loans & Installment Loans For Bad Credit


A successful loan application traditionally depends upon a borrower’s credit score or rating. Because of this rating, standard operating procedures of financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, etc., usually entail a rigorous “credit check” on loan applicants. In doing so, loan lenders look into your past and present credit history to determine whether you are a good or bad debtor. In other words, at the end of a credit check, the loan lenders would have chosen your “credit score” or your creditworthiness and decide whether to accept or reject your loan application.

Your credit score is a three-digit number ranging from 300 to 850, calculated based on information derived from these checks. A high credit score generally ranges from 670-739, and anything higher than that is considered an excellent rating. Although credit scoring may differ from one model to another, a score below 580 is generally classified as poor. It may make it difficult for someone to secure credit or qualify for traditional or personal loans.

This credit-check culture of loan applicants may be a significant stumbling block for those with bad credit scores. Lenders and other credit providers typically grant loans to those who have managed their debts well per their credit history. A good credit score gives a lender a great sense of security to pay their debt accordingly.

But does this mean that in times of dire financial need, those with bad credit scores will just have to give in to the hopelessness of their situation and accept financial defeat? Certainly not.

Thankfully, no-credit-check loans exist to address one’s financial needs despite a bad credit score or rating. So one may proceed to ask the question, “What does no-credit-check mean?” Well, no-credit-check means what its name suggests—there is no credit check. It provides a friendlier alternative to those with credit scores that may not meet the standards of their prospective lender or lending institution.

In extending a no-credit-check loan, the lender does not inquire about your credit reports but may, however, look into other data points such as the stability of your employment, your net monthly income, and your references. In some instances, a no-credit-check loan lender may not even look into some or all of this personal information.

The next question to ask would then be, where do I apply for one?

Our Picks Of The Top 5 No-Credit-Check Loans [Reviews]

  1. MoneyMutual: Top Direct Lender For Loans With Bad Credit
  2. BadCreditLoans: Best Loan Lender For Loans With No Credit Check
  3. CashUSA: Trusted Platform For Payday Loans Online
  4. PersonalLoans: Get Personal Loans For Bad Credit At Best Apr

#1. Money Mutual: Top Direct Lender For Loans With Bad Credit

MoneyMutual is an online platform that matches loan applicants with lenders. It was formed in 2010 when it was recognized that a substantial percentage of Americans regularly take out loans for different purposes, such as emergencies, bill payments, vacation expenses, and many more. It is a proud member of the Online Lenders Alliance, which puts its best practices forward for quick financial solutions.

MoneyMutual saw that four out of ten Americans cannot secure 400 dollars in times of emergencies and that finding a lender that will cater to your financial needs can take up more time and entail a very frustrating process. To address that, MoneyMutual makes finding lenders quick and easy to provide a helpful avenue to those in urgent financial need. At present, over 2,000,000 customers trust MoneyMutual. In addition, it racked up numerous good reviews, usually for its quick lender-matching (that can sometimes happen within minutes) and immediate loan disbursement.


  • Quick and Easy Loan Application: True to their catchphrase, MoneyMutual works in three straightforward steps. First, you simply have to fill out a simple and secure form with the required information that MoneyMutual sends to lenders for quick review. Second, lenders automatically review your information to determine if you fit their requirements. If a lender finds that you do, you will be redirected to their website to fill out their forms and go through the terms of their loans which you can accept if you find them agreeable.
  • How You Get the Loan: A lender may contact you by calling or texting you through your number or by sending you an email to validate your personal information further. When that happens, you will have to respond quickly so that the lender can finalize your loan faster and deposit your loaned amount in no time. Lastly, when a lender makes a loan offer that you find acceptable and eventually agrees to, the disbursement of your loan directly to your bank account can be done as quickly as 24 hours. In addition, your lender will address any questions you may have since your loan agreement is solely between the two of you.
  • User-Friendly Website: The MoneyMutual website is simple in terms of leading the borrower from one step to another. It guarantees to finish the entire application process in minutes.
  • Secure Personal Information: MoneyMutual takes care of the confidentiality of your personal information through their advanced 256-bit website encryption technology that ensures data privacy.
  • Excellent Customer Review/Rating: MoneyMutual has plenty of favorable customer reviews, boosting its reliability and trustworthiness. Customer feedback mainly reflects its quick and easy loan request process and fast loan approval. In addition, some customer reviews speak about how MoneyMutual might arguably be the best no-credit-check loan platform across the USA.


  • Quickly matches you with lenders
  • Simple steps to follow
  • Easily-navigable website
  • Trusted by over two million customers
  • Loan amount of up to $5000
  • Interest rates are reasonable
  • Superb customer service


  • Not available in New York and Connecticut
  • Loan repayment terms and interest rates may differ depending on the matched lender

=> Click here to get more information about MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans: Best Loan Lender For Loans With No Credit Check


As its name suggests, BadCreditLoans is a platform that helps you find lenders even when you have a bad credit history – free of charge! BadCreditLoans can help you meet your financial needs in the most effective and time-efficient manner, whether an auto loan, mortgage loan, home loan, personal loan, student loan, or business loan.

BadCreditLoans understands that not all borrowers have perfect credit histories, and a bad credit score can indeed slim one’s chances of qualifying for a loan. That is why BadCreditLoans provides a platform for people with bad credit to connect with lenders willing to give them a second chance if they meet their requirements.


  • Less Stringent Eligibility Requirements: For BadCreditLoans to help you find the best lender, you only have to be at least 18 years old, an American citizen and can provide proof, have a steady income, have a personal checking account, and can provide work and home telephone numbers and a valid email address.
  • Trouble-Free Loan Approval: The online system of BadCreditLoans is simple and makes lender-matching easy. You simply have to fill out a convenient online form, and BadCreditLoans will quickly disseminate your information to a massive network of lenders. This trouble-free and customer-oriented system enables you to get an offer from a lender in minutes. Plus, loan proceeds can be electronically deposited to your checking account as swiftly as one business day.

The main takeaway from it all is that BadCreditLoans helps you connect with lenders that may grant loans to those with an imperfect credit history, although it may affect the nature of the loan offer and its related terms. Bear in mind that BadCreditLoans is free of charge and will not compel you to accept a loan offer with conditions that are not acceptable to you.

Once connected with a lender, the latter will immediately go through your information and offer you a quick loan offer based on the details you provided. If you find the terms of the offer acceptable, you will only need to affix your e-signature on the lender’s loan proposal. The lender will then disburse your funds to your checking account, available the next business day.

  • Goes The Extra Mile: BadCreditLoans also does not limit itself to finding you a lender in their network. It also provides you further assistance in instances when no lender gives you a loan offer. BadCreditLoans may provide you with debt relief offers and other products and services relating to credit. It may also show you advertisements for other potential lenders.


  • A simple loan request process
  • Completely free of charge
  • The amount loanable is up to $10,000
  • Generally flexible repayment terms
  • Includes tribal lenders in its network of lenders
  • Provides further assistance to those who may not receive loan offers


  • Relatively high maximum interest rate
  • Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

=> Click here to get more information about BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA: Trusted Platform For Payday Loans Online


In need of a fast and convenient loan but worried that your personal information might be compromised? Worry no more; CashUSA is the online lending platform for you. With its top-notch security policies, CashUSA assures that it will only use the personal information you disclose in the course of your loan application for its intended purpose. In addition, the CashUSA website presents an impressive privacy policy that assures safety and security in handling your personal information.

Aside from its secure loan process, CashUSA takes pride in its quick, convenient, and flexible service, available to people with bad credit. It only takes a few minutes to fill out its simple request form found on its website for a loanable amount ranging from $500 to $10,000.

CashUSA then passes your relevant personal information to a vast network of lenders and financial services institutions that will quickly review the same and decide whether or not you meet their requirements. If a lender finds you qualified, they will immediately give you a loan offer under specific terms.

Your acceptance of the loan offer may be made by affixing your digital signature on the lender’s loan contract or proposal. Your lender will then deliver your funds within the next business day.


  • Simple Eligibility Requirements: Submitting a loan request through the CashUSA website is made extremely easy. You only need to meet a few criteria to be able to proceed with submitting your loan request. First, you are employed for at least 90 days with a monthly net income of $1000 or more. Second, you are at least 18 years old and an American citizen or permanent US resident. Third, you are a primary account holder of a valid checking account. Fourth, you can provide work and home contact phone numbers and a working email address. In that case, you can very well proceed with your loan request through the CashUSA platform.
  • Automatic Lender-Matching: Because CashUSA understands that most financial needs are urgent, it instantly communicates your personal information with a network of lenders so the latter can immediately review and verify your information and assess whether to offer you a loan or not. The process can take a few minutes, and once a lender decides to provide you with a loan, CashUSA will automatically redirect you to them. The lender may further confirm your information by texting, calling, or emailing you. Once the loan offer is finalized and accepted, disbursement of funds should occur on the next business day.
  • Utmost Data Privacy: In the course of your loan request, all personal information you provide to CashUSA is kept secure and safe. CashUSA uses industry-standard encryption, which is a very reliable method of ensuring that your personal information’s security is maintained.
  • Convenient Repayment Period and Method: Regarding loan terms and repayment, lenders with CashUSA are transparent with their terms of payment and repayment methods. The period of payment may range from 90 days to six months. The loan repayment is also straightforward as your lender automatically debits repayments from your checking account on the date it falls. As such, it saves you from the hassle of going to a payment center, thereby lessening the chances of you incurring late payment fees. Because of the auto-debit arrangement with your lender, you simply need to ensure that your account has sufficient funds when your due date arrives.
  • Reliable Customer Support: CashUSA’s excellent customer support is available by phone and on several online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and will address any questions or clarifications you may have.


  • Fast, easy, and convenient loan request process
  • Security of personal information is maintained
  • Effective customer support
  • A simple method of repayment
  • User-friendly website
  • Loan amounts of up to $10,000 are available
  • Has high rating on TrustPilot


  • High interest rates depending on the lender
  • Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau

=> Click here to get more information about CashUSA

#4. PersonalLoans:Get Personal Loans For Bad Credit At Best Apr


PersonalLoans is an accessible online facility where you can submit a loan request and get matched with a lender who may offer you a loan, notwithstanding a lousy credit history. It has been in the online lending market platform since 2012, and its satisfied customers have increased in number. It provides numerous opportunities for those with low credit ratings or scores to find immediate and responsive solutions to their urgent financial needs, whether it be auto financing, student loans, installment loans, debt consolidation, and many others.

PersonalLoans.com has garnered high-rating reviews from satisfied new and returning customers, centered on its reliability and fast service.


  • High Maximum Loanable Amount: One of the critical features of PersonalLoans is its high-range loanable amount that extends up to $35,000, the highest in the online lending market thus far. Because of this, PersonalLoans caters to a wide variety of financial needs, be it for a simple bill payment or a house loan. Its interest rates are also flexible and may range from 5.99% to 35.99%, depending on the terms of its lenders.
  • Less Complicated Eligibility Requirements: PersonalLoans offers fast cash loans, enabling people with bad credit to secure quick and easy loans with legitimate lenders. To go through with a loan process request with PersonalLoans, you only have to be at least 18 years old and have a steady job with an income of at least $1000 per month. Depending on the lender, you may be required to submit proof of salaries such as paycheck stubs or payroll records and supply personal references. But trust that this is not always the case.
  • Simple Process: Once pre-qualified, you may proceed to the easiest part of filling out a simple online form. PersonalLoans have a pre-approval form so simple that you can fill it out in less than three minutes. Once done, the PersonalLoans platform will ask you to click submit. After that, PersonalLoans will run a quick and specific process to match you with a potential lender. PersonalLoans will redirect you to the lender’s platform after getting matched with a lender. It will then present you with the lender’s terms and conditions. If you find such terms and conditions acceptable, the lender will finalize your agreement and proceed to credit your loaned funds as quickly as the next business day.
  • Helps In Finding Alternative Solutions: In determining whether to offer you a loan, lenders may rigorously review your credit history, but that is only very limited to specific lenders. PersonalLoans has an extensive network of lenders and lending partners that run little to no-credit-check at all. In other words, bad credit history is simply not a problem. However, suppose no lending partner decides to offer you a loan. In that case, PersonalLoans may endeavor to acquaint you with other lenders by running their ads or matching you with offers for credit-related products and services.
  • Provides an Obligation-Free Rate Quotation: To add to its positive features, PersonalLoans provides an obligation-free quotation of rates. In other words, PersonalLoans show you offers that do not require you to divulge your bank account information or other personal details. At that, you get to see offers and filter them out without having given sensitive information.


  • $35,000 is the maximum loanable amount
  • Fewer requirements to qualify for a loan application
  • Offers fast cash loans
  • Easily-navigable website
  • Great customer support


  • Some lenders may require more eligibility requirements
  • It may not be suitable for those with recent bankruptcy and late payment patterns

=> Click here to get more information about PersonalLoans

#5. CreditLoan: The Longest-Running No-Credit-Check Loan


CreditLoan is a financial service online platform founded over 20 years ago and has stood the test of time by providing outstanding service to its loyal customers. It primarily addresses the stigma attached to borrowers with bad credit scores by working with lenders that specialize in granting loans to those with poor credit history and making these lenders available to them.

CreditLoan application process is free of charge, even for those whose credit scores are imperfect. Other than providing an avenue for no-credit-check loans, CreditLoan also aims to educate its customers by providing valuable financial lessons through its website.


  • Highly-Specialized In No-Credit-Check Loans: CreditLoan has a hefty 750,000 customers from all over the country. After filling out the required online form, CreditLoan will systematically make your loan request information to various lenders, which may cater to those with good and bad credit scores. Thus, you can rely on the fact that there are available lenders that cater to your type of credit score.
  • Loan Amount: Although lenders may offer loans up to $25,000 for those with good credit history, a specialized group of lenders may also provide loans up to $5000 for those with bad credit history, given that you meet their requirements. If you think about it, a $5000 loan is still a substantial financial favor that credit-checking institutions hardly offer to borrowers with bad credit scores.
  • Informative and Educational Website: The CreditLoan website generously presents information on financial literacy and effective debt management. It outlines explicitly educational write-ups on credit scores, and a bad credit score impacts your ability to secure a loan. It also lays down several ways to improve a bad credit score and gives extra resources and tips for handling personal information.

It goes the extra mile by including other helpful tools such as a Guide to Personal Loans, the Anatomy of Good v. Bad Credit, and the Enigma of Bad Credit Explained. These clickable tools provide a thorough take on relevant financial topics to guide their customers to a better financial path.

  • Favorable Customer Reviews: CreditLoan garners numerous positive reviews from customers for its fast and easy loan application process and reliable customer support.
  • Precise and Reliable Privacy Policy: CreditLoan is committed to maintaining the security and protection of your personal information. It gives an in-depth account of its privacy policy intended to respect data privacy and properly handle personal information from its customers. From Text Message Policy to Electronic Disclosure – name it, and CreditLoan has got it all thoroughly covered.


  • A safe and intuitive website
  • There are no specific income requirements to apply
  • Has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau
  • Over 20 years of trusted and reliable service
  • Fast and easy loan application
  • Immediate loan disbursement
  • Reliable privacy policy


  • Users from New York and Connecticut are not eligible
  • Usually high-interest rates

=> Click here to get more information about CreditLoan

How We Came Up With Our List Of The Best No Credit Check Loans

In finalizing our list of the best no-credit-check loans, we undertook the first step of conducting a thorough survey of no-credit-check loans. Such a survey rendered an extensive list of no-credit-check loans. Next, we narrowed our list down by filtering out no-credit-check loans that are not legitimate after classifying them through specific reliable indicators.

After trimming it down by more than half, we endeavored to further carve it down by setting up rigid standards and determining which no-credit-check loans best meet them. In the end, five no-credit-check loans stood past our strict scrutiny and are, therefore, considered the best in the lending market.

What We Looked For

In the process of coming up with the best no-credit-check loans, we looked for the following features in each no-credit-check loan that made it to our initial list:

  • Excellent Customer Review/Rating: We meticulously looked into available customer reviews of no-credit-check loans and evaluated their legitimacy and quality of service. Companies with predominantly bad reviews were automatically stricken off our list. We then determined which of these no-credit-check loans received the most positive feedback.
  • Easy No-Credit-Check Loan Request Process: As part of our criteria, we determined the level of difficulty involved in the no-credit-check loan process. We looked into each platform’s website and assessed their procedures from loan application to disbursement of funds. We junked those with websites that are not user-friendly and require one to undergo complicated initial steps. We strictly picked out those that provided straightforward and convenient steps in applying for a no-credit-check loan, even for those with a bad credit score.
  • Fast Loan Approval and Fund Disbursement: Many no-credit-check loans boast of their fast approval and fund disbursement, but we made an effort to determine those that approve loans and disburse funds the fastest. Our final list consisted of no-credit-check loans that approve loans quickly and pay funds within one business day.
  • High Maximum Loanable Amount: To ensure that our list reflects no-credit-check loans that can address a wide variety of financial needs, we picked those that loan the maximum amount to those with bad credit scores.
  • Low-Interest Rates and Reasonable Penalties and Fees: Of course, our final list of the best no-credit-check loans is those bearing the most competitive interest rates and reasonable penalties for late payments and other necessary fees.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best No Credit Check Loan

Here are a few features to consider before deciding which no-credit-check loan to avail of:

Customer Feedback/Review

By reading through customers’ reviews, you will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a particular no-credit-check loan. As such, you have a helpful guide from customers who have availed of the loan and valuable insight as to whether the offered no-credit-check loan is worth it.

Eligibility Requirements

Lenders will require a specific credit score before qualifying you for a loan and usually adjust your loan offer accordingly. Some lenders will even look at your bank account to assess the flow of income regularly. In some instances, lenders will require a co-borrower to sign your loan agreement.

Thus, it is best to choose one that lists eligibility requirements you can comply with truthfully. Do not apply for a no-credit-check loan with eligibility requirements that may be beyond your capacity to meet. It will waste your time and valuable effort going through the loan application process only to be declined in the end. For example, if you do not have a checking account, do not apply for no-credit-check loans that require you to have one.

Interest Rates

Make sure to determine the most affordable interest rate by comparing several no-credit-check loans. Do not take out loans with interest rates you can’t afford. A likely scenario is you defaulting on your payments and racking up penalties and other charges. Instead, go for loans with low interest rates you can afford.

Repayment Period

A loan’s repayment period will have a direct effect on your interest rate. A shorter repayment period generally has lower interest rates but more significant monthly installment payments instead of a long-term repayment period which could mean high interest rates although installment payments are relatively lower. Choosing the repayment period of your no-credit-check loan entails a careful assessment of your monthly cash flow and whether this could withstand the demands of a particular repayment period.

Penalties and Fees

Penalties and fees are matters you have to consider when applying for a loan. These penalties and fees include, but are not limited to, processing fees, late payment fees, returned check penalties, prepayments, and many others that may come with your loan. High penalties and fees could create more financial issues for you. It is then more prudent to apply for a loan that imposes reasonable penalties and fees.

Loan Terms and Conditions

After getting qualified for a loan offer, lenders will present to you the terms and conditions of your loan, including repayment period and method, interest rate, penalties and charges, interest rate, and loan restrictions.

Be sure to go through it with critical and discerning eyes. If possible, seek the help of a lawyer or anyone who has expertise in examining contracts. Remember that once signed, the terms and conditions of your loan automatically bind you.

FAQs about Credit Loans With Bad Credit

Q. What is a No-Credit-Check Loan?

A no-credit-check loan is a type of financial aid granted without conducting the usual credit inquiry to determine creditworthiness when applying for a traditional loan. A no-credit-check loan may take the form of a personal loan, auto loan, home loan, credit card repayment loan, consolidation loan, and such other loan types.

Q. Hоw can I fix my credit score?

Improving your credit score would require specific to-dos such as the following:

  • Timely payment of bills. Depending on the Credit Scoring Model, your payment history accounts for a substantial percentage of your overall credit score. Thus, a one-time fee on bills can dramatically improve your credit score.
  • Be sure to counter-check your credit report. Every year, check your credit report with the three major credit reporting agencies—Equifax, Experian, and TrаnUnоn. Be quick to spot errors and request to have them corrected.
  • Do not apply for too many credit card accounts in a short period. Opening several credit card accounts in a short period will significantly harm your credit score.
  • Prioritize paying off old debts. Old unpaid debts significantly lower your credit score and may continue to do so if you do not pay them off. On the other hand, paying them off could serve as a springboard to a much-improved credit score.
  • Do not close credit card accounts. You may think closing unused credit cards can improve your credit score, but it does the opposite. Closing a credit card impacts your overall credit rating negatively.

Q. Can I qualify for a loan even if I have a bad credit history?

Yes. Lenders specializing in granting loans to those with bad credit history can provide you with a loan if you meet their requirements.

Q. What does a hard credit inquiry mean?

Also known as “hard pull,” a hard credit inquiry is a process whereby lending or financial institutions check your credit history to decide whether to grant you a loan or not. Lenders usually do this when applying for a mortgage loan, personal loan, etc., and it dramatically affects your credit score. Generally, your consent to such a credit inquiry is indispensable.

Q. How does a no-credit-check loan work?

The lender will collate information to assess one’s creditworthiness, such as your employment, cash flow, and other helpful data points.

Q. How do I determine a No-Credit-Check that is not legitimate?

You can easily spot fraudulent lenders by looking at the following indicators:

  • The lender’s website is not safe and secure
  • They promise automatic approval
  • The lender does not declare all applicable fees
  • The lender compels you to take out an instant loan
  • They do not require proof of your payment capacity
  • In some cases, the lender requires you to divulge specific sensitive bank details

Q. What is the repayment period for no-credit-check loans?

No-credit-check loans generally have a shorter repayment period, ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months compared to traditional loans.

Q. How much of a loan can someone with a bad credit score apply for?

Your loanable amount will depend on the lender you pick. Typically, lenders consider specific data points such as the stability of your employment and net income per month to come up with a loan offer.

Q. What documents do I need to submit when applying for a No-Credit-Check Loan?

The documents you need to submit may vary from lender to lender. Some will require a few documents for identification, while others may require a lot more. In proving your capacity to pay and securing your debt, some lenders simply need you to present your payroll account or payment stubs, while others may ask for co-borrowers who can co-sign your loan agreement.

Q. What is the usual interest rate for those with bad credit scores?

Interest rates on personal loans granted to those with bad credit scores can range from 5.5% to 36%. A poor credit rating could generally mean higher interest rates.

Q. What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a loan you can use for various purposes, such as debt consolidation, bill payment, unexpected medical bills, vacation expenses, and many more.

Q. What is an unsecured personal loan?

An unsecured personal loan is a loan granted without requiring any collateral of any type.

Conclusion: The Best No Credit Check Loan is

When in a state of a financial crisis, one usually resorts to taking up loans from lenders or financial institutions. However, a bad credit score typically means outright rejection when applying for a traditional loan.

Thankfully, through extensive research, we found out that a bad credit score is no longer a deal-breaker in the lending market. Instead, we now have online lending platforms that connect you to lenders offering no-credit-check loans. After carefully assessing these platforms through a list of stringent standards, the top online platforms in the market turned out to be MoneyMutual, BadCreditLoans, CashUSA, PersonalLoans, and CreditLoan.

These online entities are legitimate and match you with lenders that cater best to your financial needs. You simply have to go to their websites and fill out a simple form to start the loan request process. The platform will then submit your details to a massive network of lenders who immediately verify the information and decide whether to offer you a loan or not. Once qualified, the lender may make a loan offer subject to your acceptance. Disbursement of loan proceeds is also made quickly and hassle-free.

With these top no-credit-check loans, taking up a loan anywhere and anytime despite a bad credit score is no longer an impossibility.


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