Cherwell Residents Invited to Nominate Community Volunteers

A district council and housing association in Oxfordshire who have teamed up to host a volunteer awards ceremony are inviting applications.

Cherwell residents have until 5 p.m. on Monday, June 20 to nominate volunteers and groups for this year’s Cherwell “Love Where You Live” awards.

The event is organized by the Sanctuary Housing Association and Cherwell District Council. Both parties are asking people to nominate volunteers, neighbors, groups and organizations that are making a difference in the community.

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in September.

Entries are welcome in six categories: Volunteer of the Year, Young Volunteer, Volunteer Organization of the Year, Volunteer for Life, Good Neighbor and Community Place of the Year.

Good Neighbor Award winners will each receive a £30 Love2Shop voucher and all winners in other categories will be offered £100 to donate to a local community group of their choice.

Charlie Heritage, Sanctuary’s Neighborhood Partnerships Manager, said: “The Cherwell Volunteer Awards are back for the fourth time, and each year we discover more and more selfless people who go above and beyond to help others and make a positive difference in our community.”

Councilor Phil Chapman, Cherwell District Council’s portfolio holder for healthy communities, said, “Volunteering brings people together, supports local services and makes Cherwell a better place to live.

To nominate, visit

This story was written by Matthew Norman, he joined the team in 2022 as a Facebook community reporter.

Matthew covers Bicester and focuses on researching stories from various communities.

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