City of Eureka offers community grants of up to $ 500 for neighborhood projects – KIEM-TV


EUREKA, California (KIEM) – The Economic Development Division of the Town of Eureka offers grants of up to $ 500 to residents who wish to carry out some kind of volunteer project in their neighborhood. Eureka residents aged 18 and over, as well as non-profit organizations are eligible.

“We want to create a neighborhood support network system throughout the community to increase resilience and create community spaces for people who feel uncomfortable in their neighborhood,” according to Economic Development Coordinator Christine Tyson.

There are 5 categories for eligible projects, and must take place within city limits. They include: communications, such as designing a neighborhood website, outreach and marketing, such as creating welcome packages for new residents, neighborhood identity, physical upgrades, such as midpoint upgrades or public art, and special events like community cleanups or other gatherings.

“Of course we can’t do that right now, but it could be something in the future that they could plan on,” Tyson adds.

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, some people are looking to the future. Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman says it gives residents the opportunity to think about ways to bring the community together after a period of isolation.

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“This is the perfect time, like I said, to start thinking about what we want to do as we come out of the pandemic to reestablish our neighborhood and our community and our relationships with each other,” he said. Seaman said.

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Grant recipients will be required to submit a final report upon completion of the project and will need to include receipts, a summary of accomplishments, and photos of the completed project.

Grant applications can be viewed on the City of Eureka website. They will be accepted while funds are exhausted.

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