Columbus mayoral candidates hold community events

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) — The mayoral race in Columbus is less than two months away and the candidates are talking with the community.

Candidate John Anker held an event on Kingsberry Street in Columbus on Saturday evening.

The event aimed to bring the community together and answer some tough questions.

Anker says public safety, economy and transparency are the three pillars he promises the people of Columbus if elected mayor.

The mayoral candidate says that above all, the community deserves the truth and he expects to deliver on those promises by listening first.

“The neighborhood is beautiful. The houses are close together. These kids were outside playing basketball. We just go out and eat burgers, hang out, get engagements, ask questions,” Anker said.

Anker is hosting a Meet & Greet on April 16, in partnership with Love and Kindness Resource Center.

Incumbent Mayor Skip Henderson hosted a get-together earlier Saturday, chatting with people over coffee at the Iron Bank Café in Columbus.

Henderson is based on three main priorities: public safety, economic development and poverty.

He says his goal is to get feedback from Columbus residents on what’s going well and what could be improved.

“It’s also a great opportunity to hear people talk about some of their concerns about what’s going on in the community,” Mayor Henderson said. I mean, I know we have challenges that we’re still working on, but we also have some really great things happening in this community.

Henderson’s next event is a meetup on April 18, sponsored by the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

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