Community Events – Town of Round Rock

The RRPD Kids ID program provides free children’s identification kits to the community. One of the most important tools for officers to use when searching for a missing child is readily available and up-to-date identifying information, such as a high-quality photo and fingerprints. RRPD uses Child ID Kits to provide parents with photos, fingerprint cards and other information in a packet they can give to first responders if their child is missing or involved in an emergency. . Round Rock Police volunteers run the program year-round at schools, churches, and various public events.

Time is running out when a child goes missing. It is essential that law enforcement immediately receive an up-to-date description and photograph of the child. By enabling rapid dissemination of child information, the KIDs ID program is an effective law enforcement tool to help police find and bring your child home. The KIDs ID process captures vital information such as the child’s appearance details, parent/guardian contact information, a color photo of the child and captures fingerprints using a digital scanner . All of this information is printed on a larger card which should be stored somewhere safe but easy to access. Discover our Facebook page to see if we have an upcoming Kids ID event.

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