Community volunteers clean up the San Diego River



The San Diego River Park Foundation held its 18th “San Diego River Days“cleaning at the Mission Valley Reserve Friday.

The Foundation, along with about 30 community volunteers, expected to collect around 1,800 pounds of trash and debris from the riverbed.

This is the Foundation’s first event with community volunteers since the start of the pandemic.

Sarah Hutmacher, chief associate director of the San Diego River Park Foundation, loves having community volunteers helping with their events.

“We are so excited to be able to bring the community back to these cleanups,” she said.

Volunteer Linda Harshberger has been with the Foundation for almost 20 years and is delighted to find people.

“Oh my God, I’m out there with people,” Harshberger said. “It is an incredible experience.”

VIDEO: Community volunteers clean up the San Diego River

A small group of volunteers work year round cleaning up various parts of the River Valley, but events like the San Diego River Days are especially important.

“It is important to feel part of your community. It’s important to know what’s going on in your community, ”Harshberger said.

“What we’re really trying to do is bring people together to be the voice of the river, so that there are just a lot of people advocating for its success and longevity so that it can continue to do what he does for the people of San Diego, ”Hutmacher said.

The Foundation remains organized thanks to a mobile application.

The River Park Foundation collects all of its waste data through a mapping device it developed that is powered by a smartphone. They have teams that go out four days a week to collect very detailed data on the areas.

“It helps us to be really specific with where we use our volunteers,” Hutmacher said, “so we send the right tools for the job. We know whether to send Marines or Girl Scouts to come and do the job. work, so we have the right team.

Free activities continue throughout this weekend. People can go to register.


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