Community volunteers help Morgan County Church recover from vandalism | Archive


Earlier in October, WAAY 31 showed a glimpse of the aftermath of vandalism at a church in Somerville. On Saturday, WAAY 31 returned as a day of community service was taking place to clean up and repair damage at St. John’s Baptist Missionary Church.

In two weeks, the church is completely different from that of WAAY 31’s first visit. Progress is largely due to community support.

While the community and church members are still shocked by what happened, a church deacon, Amos Burton, said the vandalism was actually a blessing in disguise for them.

“The first day I saw him I was pretty much in tears, couldn’t even get in,” Burton said.

Burton and church members are still in shock over what happened, but said they were grateful to everyone who has supported them since.

Linda Rodgers was one of the many who felt called to help.

“I said, ‘Let’s pray, let’s pray for them,’ but I also said, ‘Let’s also pray that God will show us how we can serve them,’ she explained.

Rodgers was not alone. She and her husband, along with 10 members of their church, came from Cullman County to lend a hand.

“It truly is a blessing to meet these people, to get to know them and to be just the hands and feet of God,” Rodgers said.

Morgan County Sheriff Ron Puckett organized the Community Service Day, making sure there were volunteers to paint, clean and work on the landscaping around the church.

I “feel like I’m in a different scene, in a different realm,” Burton said. “It’s so different.”

Burton said he appreciates what people have done so far. He said that through the devastation something beautiful came, and that’s what he says Christianity is everything.

“We can now see the end of the rainbow,” said Burton. “We can now see the closing at the end of the rainbow because of people like this and him, and all the churches and all the donors, and the whole country.”

There is still cosmetic work to be done. Puckett said his goal is to make this church even better than it was before the vandalism.


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