Community volunteers help Red Cross save lives with blood drive



Mitchell Sarno, one of BRLC’s food haulers. She makes sure that food is available for the neighbors 2 weeks a month. Volunteer support is important for all services provided to neighbors throughout this community and county.

On Tuesday August 17, the Burnsville R&L Center partnered with the American Red Cross to save lives by hosting a blood drive.

Preparation for the actual event began at 1 p.m. with a crowd of volunteers from the BRLC, Red Cross and Red Cross staff. The blood drive took place at 13349 Hwy 742 N. Polkton. The collection started at 2:00 p.m. and lasted until 6:30 p.m. This was the second blood drive organized by BRLC this year in partnership with the American Red Cross.

The blood drive was coordinated through the efforts of outstanding BRLC volunteer Michele Sarno and the Stanly County Red Cross Chapter. The volunteers who helped Sarno were Wendy Chirokas, Robert & Lizzie Lee, Deloris Hammond, Brenda Benton, Marshall and Treamenda Caple, Alton Jackson, Mitchell Kiser, Sarah Hersey and yours truly.

The community has truly come together to show support for those in need of blood. A total of 24 people showed up to donate. Of the 24 who came to donate, there were 14 new donors. “Alleluia

Whenever you do something for the first time there is always a bit of hesitation or fear, but as you go through any area of ​​life you win. This is what happened to all new BRLC donors who came to donate for the first time. To you who have already made a donation, BRLC and the Red Cross thank you and appreciate you for participating in this special event. Together, we are making a huge difference by overcoming the obstacles this life throws at us.

BRLC plans to organize at least 2 blood drives per year at this location and with such a large community of supporters this can be accomplished.

Every day, blood donors come to the aid of patients of all ages: accidents and burns, heart surgery patients, organ transplant patients, fighting against cancer. In fact, every two seconds someone needs blood in the United States

American Red Cross shelters charge for and provide emotional support to disaster victims; they also provide about 40 percent of the nation’s blood: teach life-saving skills, provide international humanitarian assistance, and support service members and their families.

The Red Cross and the Burnsville Recreation & Learning Center are both non-profit organizations that depend on volunteers and the generosity of the public to accomplish our mission.

Carol Smith is the director of Burnsville Recreation & Learning Center.


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