Community volunteers step in to help elderly residents cope with lockdown

Ti Gong

Quarantined residents of the No. 2 Meilong Residential Compound in Minhang District line up to buy food at the gate of the compound.

Residents of quarantined communities help each other with nucleic acid testing and daily living needs.

Yang Shuhongji, a resident of Meilong No. 2 Residential Compound in Minhang District, said the compound entered closed-loop management on Wednesday, requiring people to take two rounds of tests within 48 hours.

“The neighborhood committee said they needed volunteers, and I signed up immediately,” Yang said.

He was engaged in keeping order while residents lined up for tests. But when he visited the site, wearing a protective suit, he found that many elderly residents did not know how to use their mobile phones to get the registration code to take the test.

“With other volunteers, I taught them how to do it on their phones. For some who didn’t have a smart phone, we used ours to register their information to get the code and then accompany them to the booth to have the code scanned before the test.”

There are so many elderly people in the community that Yang has lost count of how many people he has helped.

Community volunteers step in to help elderly residents cope with lockdown

Ti Gong

Volunteers help buy food for residents.

Then came another problem: buying food. Online shopping and delivery demand is increasing these days, but some seniors are not good at online shopping.

Neighborhood committee staff contacted nearby shops and asked them to bring food to the gate of the complex, where volunteers in protective gear would help with shopping.

Some shop owners have created WeChat groups with residents so people can place orders and have their food delivered to the door of the complex.

Some older residents used to dine at community restaurants or have their meals delivered to their homes. In quarantine, meals are now delivered to the door of the resort where they can collect them themselves. For those who have difficulty getting around, volunteers help deliver meals to their doorstep.

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