Edmonds Museum event helps community volunteers find the right fit


For the fourth year in a row, the Edmonds Historical Museum brought together citizens eager to give of their time and skills for the good of the community and local organizations that need them for a unique event.

“Think of it as speed dating for volunteers,” museum director Katie Kelly said. “Our goal today is to provide a place where organizations that need volunteer help can meet face-to-face with the many citizens in our community who want to contribute their talents but may not have found the best place to do it. to do. “

Organizations filled the upstairs museum exhibit area with information materials set up at tables moderated by representatives, where potential volunteers could learn what the various organizations do and where they need to go. aid.

And there was a lot of choice. This year’s attendees included the Cascadia Art Museum, Clothes for Kids, the Edmonds Arts Festival, the Edmonds Center for the Arts, the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, the Edmonds Historical Museum, Edmonds in Bloom, the Edmonds Wildlife Habitat Native Plant Demonstration Garden, Friends of the Edmonds Library, Museum Farmer’s Market, Save Our Marsh, Art Walk Edmonds, City of Edmonds Beach Docents, Edmonds Rotary, Olympic Ballet Theater, Edmonds Kiwanis and MS Helping Hands Donor Closet.

“Edmonds has such a strong volunteer spirit,” Kelly noted. “It’s just one more thing that makes this community a great place to live.

– Story and photos by Larry Vogel


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