Grants available for your Fort Collins neighborhood projects


Do you have an idea to unite your neighborhood? Maybe a neighborhood improvement project or a fun event for everyone. The Vibrant Neighborhoods grant provides funds to support neighborhood projects that are co-imagined, developed and led by local neighbors.

Any project that improves your neighborhood or helps foster community development is encouraged. The possibilities could include public art, bicycle parking, a tool library, educational events, or anything else you can consider for your neighborhood.

Grant funds should be used to enhance or align with existing city efforts and should be implemented within city limits. A good place to start is the city’s strategic plan, available at

The first step is to speak with your neighbors in a public forum to discuss everyone’s vision for your neighborhood. Your event should be planned with a member of Neighborhood Services staff, and a facilitator will be provided to help lead the meeting as your group develops a project that best fits your neighborhood.

Once your group has selected a project idea, you will submit a Letter of Intent to be considered for a planning grant. These grants allow you to create a complete project plan and may include working with a landscape architect, event planner, wall artist, or other professionals.

From there, you can submit a final application and a full plan to be considered for a full project grant.

Grant funds are available through a competitive process. Please note that not all requests will be funded. If your project is not funded in 2018, it may be possible to resubmit it in 2019.

Want to get started today? You can now register for a public forum meeting with a moderator at Later this spring, after you’ve organized your public forum and selected an idea, submit a Letter of Intent detailing your project. Over the summer, neighborhoods will be selected to receive planning grants and begin working with professionals to plan their event or project. Full grant applications will be due at the end of the summer, and in the fall, final projects will be selected by a committee through a competitive process.

For questions or additional information about the Vibrant Neighborhoods grant, please visit

Sylvia Tatman-Burruss is the specialist in raising awareness of the development of the city’s neighborhoods. She can be reached at 970-224-6076 or [email protected]

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