Huntsville, Madison County working to resolve month-long recycling backlogs | News

Garbage trucks could be picking up your recycling in the next few days!

The City of Huntsville Public Works Department and Madison County Waste Control are teaming up to help finally catch up on all recycling backlogs.

Many residents are tired of seeing blue recycling bins lining their streets since December.

“All you see when you drive around the neighborhood are blue trash cans on the road for three weeks,” says Lynn McClain.

She says the blue bins that line her neighborhood are more than just an eyesore.

“The problem now is the neighborhood, the lids are open where people keep trying to pass stuff, and there’s trash all over our neighborhood,” McClain says.

The Recycling Alliance of North Alabama, or RANA, began experiencing delays toward the end of December. Supply chain issues made it difficult to find parts for broken trucks, and half of their truck drivers were out with COVID.

“I think people were a little frustrated that we couldn’t tell them for sure the day we’re picking them up,” says executive director Doc Holladay.

People are not just frustrated with RANA.

“There have been a lot of public concerns expressed to me,” said Bill Kling, city council member.

City council members and county commissioners listened to public concerns and decided to add more manpower to help with delayed pickups.

“The Public Works Department will help use its labor and equipment to help pick up recyclables,” Kling says.

This is something that has never happened in the history of the recycling program.

“For the first time since we started this program, people are going to have their recycling container picked up by a garbage truck for the city or county,” says Holladay.

With 20 to 40 more trucks picking up the blue bins, RANA hopes to be back on track by next week.

Madison County residents certainly hope that will be the case.

“Recycling that only happens once a month doesn’t even happen once a month!” McClain said.

Holladay is keen to point out that everything is always properly recycled, RANA just needs extra hands to get the recyclable materials to their final destination.

RANA plans to reimburse the two local governments for their assistance, and says it will cost taxpayers nothing.

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