Kingston Police thanks the Kingston Police Community volunteers



Kingston Police Community Volunteers. Image taken by Kingston Police.

The following is a message from Kingston Police thanking the Kingston Police Community (KPCV) volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

This year’s theme for National Volunteer Week (SNV) 2021 is The Worth of One, the Power of Many.

As Kingston Police recognize the collective efforts of volunteers, we reflect on the multitude of actions being taken locally to help people in our community and neighborhoods better prepare to respond to unexpected events, such as the pandemic. last year, and to better position itself for a more sustainable future.

Kingston Police would like to specifically recognize the continued altruistic efforts of the Kingston Police Community (KPCV) volunteers. This month of May marks an important milestone for the KPCV. They will serve the community of Kingston for 25 years. During these 25 years, the KPCV has grown from 20 members to 70 volunteers. Before the pandemic, the KPCV spent an average of 6,000-7,000 hours per year volunteering in the community. A typical year before the pandemic would also see the KPCV attend more than 100 special events in the Kingston area and conduct general eye and hearing patrols throughout the community.

Image taken by Kingston Police.

The KPCV is available 24/7 to respond to citywide emergencies and has stepped in to witness memorable events such as the ice storm in 1998 and the blackout in 2003. They were also involved in searches for missing persons, including the search for Patty Ann Killingbeck which lasted more than five years.

The KPCV has been incredibly involved in community service events including Special Olympics, Ride for Dad, Police Memorial Races, and many other charity walks and runs throughout town where they provided safe passage for participants. .

Kingston Police are extremely proud of the accomplishments of the KPCV over the past quarter century and, in this week in particular, wish to express their sincere gratitude for the selflessness and dedication the organization has brought to our community. Our volunteers, who also include the incredibly talented Kingston Police Pipe Band, are an indispensable resource and it is important that they receive the recognition they no doubt deserve. Happy National Volunteer Week 2021!


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