LA neighborhood council election deadlines start tomorrow


Los Angeles City Neighborhood Council elections are in full swing this week. Tomorrow is the first deadline for people who wish to vote in the first group of NC elections.

This year, the NC elections are grouped into 12 different regional groups; the oldest region, number 5, includes:

  • Hollywood Center
  • East Hollywood
  • Grand Wilshire
  • West Hollywood Hills
  • Hollywood Studios District
  • Hollywood united
  • Mid-City West, and
  • PICO

This year’s elections are all mail-in ballots. Angelenos must request an online ballot stating that they are party to a specific NC (note: some councils require submitting a photo of photo ID and possibly other documents.) stakeholders can include people who live, work, attend religious institutions or whose family members go to school within the limits of a given NC. The deadline to apply for a Region 5 ballot is tomorrow – Tuesday March 9.

While many neighborhood councils are relatively regressive nimbys, a few have exercised their power in positive ways. Prominent among progressive councils, the Mid-City West Community Council has championed bike lanes, slow streets, Park (ing) Day, and walking / cycling improvements on Melrose that were overturned by City Council member Paul Koretz .

This year, several community groups – including LA Forward Action, Democratic Socialists of America and Streets for All – worked together to elect progressive NC lists. Streets for All has approved Mid City West, PICO, East Hollywood, Greater Wilshire and Hollywood Hills West City Council races. Additional group approvals can be found on the LA Forward Action and Democratic Socialist of America websites.

The Mid-City West Progressive List has created its own website and step-by-step instructional document for the 2021 NC election.

If you are unsure which neighborhood council represents you, use the NC town map web page to locate yours.

Even outside of Region 5, all stakeholders can apply for your relevant NC ballot online – again, for some this requires photo ID and in some cases additional documents.

Find various electoral links NC on the electoral portal of the district council of the city.

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