Marshall County Latest to Join Alabama Settlement with Opioid Distributor | Community events

The Marshall County Commission on Friday approved funding for a major settlement involving the state of Alabama.

Alabama has now reached a settlement in a $10 million settlement against opioid drugmaker Endo Pharmaceuticals over its alleged role in the outbreak problem.

Marshall County is one of many counties participating in the multi-million dollar payout.

Clint Maze, a Marshall County attorney, told WAAY 31 that they approved the funding so they would get $98,000 once it’s all over. Maze said that in this settlement there are 217 local municipalities involved who can receive some of the money.

For the moment, it is not known how this money will be distributed.

At first, Alabama refused to be part of the original $26 billion settlement.

This is all because the state accuses the distributor, McKesson Corp., of failing to prevent the misuse of opioids and of engaging in the misuse of marketing tools to misrepresent the drug’s benefits.

Marshall County is not alone in taking action on this. The town of Huntsville also joined the settlement.

WAAY 31 has contacted the city for more information, but a city representative told us they legally cannot comment on this now.

WAAY 31 has also reached out to the state to understand how this money will be distributed and how governments can qualify for part of the payment. The attorney general’s office told WAAY it was unable to comment on potential settlements at this time, but was working with everyone involved.

At present, this is still in dispute, so much is being worked out. There is a new court date set for April next year.

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