Muskogee Police clear popular bike path with community volunteers


The Muskogee Police Department’s bike patrol unit spent Thursday evening clearing a popular bike path that runs through town.

They said they wanted to show the community that they cared about their city.

“We are tearing up limbs, picking up the trash that has been dumped in the area,” Officer Lynn Hamlin said.

For Constable Hamlin and others in the Muskogee Police Department’s Bike Patrol Unit, it was about setting an example.

“It just shows them at an early age that it’s important to get out into the community and be of service and do things that are good,” Officer Hamlin said.

Six officers and community volunteers came to Centennial Trail to clean up.

Officer Hamlin said they wanted the seven-and-a-half-mile trail to be a safer and more orderly area for everyone to enjoy, as many people use it for walking and biking.

A trailer picked up all the branches and rubbish. A few miles from the cleanup, the Groove Riders, a group of bikers, cleaned up another section of the trail.

Vicki Herringshaw said this is a track the band use all the time and they just want to do their part.

“We can ride without risking being on the streets for traffic and we can have a safe and smooth place to ride,” Herringshaw said.

The Muskogee Police Department said it plans to do more community outreach like this. To stay up to date, Click here.

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