Norwalk’s Eco Evolution hosts free open mics and community events

Owner Brad Kerner said groups had started approaching him for event space, and he noticed it fit the Eco Evolution brand. A space like “The Green Room @ Eco Evolution” is something he said South Norwalk lacks.

“There’s a lack of entertainment options in SoNo that aren’t bars and clubs. That said, having a meeting space like this has always been part of my business plan and part of my logo” , Kerner said. “I had a feeling that if I built it, they would come.”

Kerner said events are going well and he currently has five different regulars using his space for their different performances or meetings. Currently, Kerner said the lineup includes an open-mic comedy night every other Wednesday, a jam session by Irish musicians every Thursday night, and an open-mic night for artists of all kinds on the last Friday of every month.

The space also hosts non-performance-based groups, such as a monthly sobriety and recovery night with mocktails, as well as the Norwalk Reproductive Justice group which meets at Eco Evolution every Wednesday night.

In addition to regulars, newcomers are approaching Kerner, asking to use the space for things like under-40 blenders and candle-making workshops. He said this increased exposure to his sustainable coffee bar and eco-friendly marketplace has also been great for his business.

Kerner pointed out that everyone is welcome to use the Green Room for free event space, with all events at Eco Evolution being free for performers or guests. He said the best way to contact him for accommodation inquiries is via Instagram, Facebook or by email, at [email protected]

Looking ahead, Kerner said he’s excited to continue sharing Eco Evolution’s event space through hosting.

“I feel like these events have completed my vision of providing a community space for a diversity of groups to meet,” Kerner said. “It’s starting to look like those independent cafes I grew up with in the 90s and I love it.”

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