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We’ve searched the web to find some of the best jobs in Pittsburgh this week. If your company is hiring, send information including a job title, description, and salary range to [email protected]


Tree Adoption Program Manager. Local environmental association pittsburgh tree is hiring a full-time Tree Adoption Program Manager. The position will be responsible for designing, implementing and managing the organization’s Tree Adoption Program, which distributes thousands of trees to Allegheny County residents each year. The salary range is $46,000 to $50,000. Click here for more details

Facilities Manager. The East Liberty Presbyterian Church, who fights for racial justice and peace, is seeking a full-time Facilities Manager. Responsibilities include supervising and coordinating custodial and reception staff, administrative duties, etc. The salary is $48,000. Click here for more details

Residence manager. on the north side city ​​of asylum, an organization that houses exiled and endangered writers, is seeking a full-time residency director. Responsibilities include serving as the primary point of contact for writers-in-residence, coordinating services and referrals with partner agencies, facilitating cultural orientation, working with writers on translation and editing, and more. The salary range is $40,000 to $45,000. Click here for more details

Environmental Program Specialist. The Pennsylvania Resource Councilwith a mission “to lead and promote individual and collective action to prevent waste and conserve Pennsylvania’s environmental resources,” is hiring a full-time Environmental Program Specialist. The position will be responsible for developing, coordinating, implementing and helping to facilitate a set of specific waste minimization programs, with a focus on supporting the glass recycling program . The salary is $35,000. Click here for more details
Digital Communications Specialist. public transport organization, the Allegheny County Port Authority, is hiring a full-time Digital Communications Specialist to digitally support and promote its services and achievements using the website, social media, etc. Responsibilities include plan and execute social media programs for the agency and its various departments, respond to inquiries, collaborate on web communication strategies, and more. Click here for more details

Arts + Entertainment

Community Events Coordinator. Highland Park Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium hires a full-time Community Events Coordinator. The position will be responsible for the creation, management and organization of public events at the zoo, including setting up events, customer relations, loading suppliers, coordinating activities and events, etc. . Click here for more details

Senior Video Production Manager. downtown Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is looking for a full-time Senior Video Production Manager. Responsibilities include being the lead producer of digital media projects with an emphasis on video, operating the live broadcast computer system, managing and coordinating all post-production processes, creating and monitoring the activity budget digital, purchase and maintain all audio/video equipment, etc. . Click here for more details

Visual and Media Arts Coordinator
. The Pittsburgh Public Schools hires a full-time visual and media arts coordinator to lead and support the district’s visual arts education department. Responsibilities include pedagogical direction of visual and media arts programs and ongoing updating of the curriculum, nurturing and maintaining relationships with community partners, planning and implementing events and exhibitions arts, and more. Click here for more details

floor manager. downtown Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is looking for a part-time Stage Manager to supervise and supervise ushers during performances in the various rooms of the organization. The position will be required to work 4-6 hours per event. Pay $17/hour. Click here for more details

Content manager. The Pittsburgh Professional Esports Team Pittsburgh Knights is hiring a full-time Content Manager to lead a team of graphic designers and video producers to help define the team’s brand. Responsibilities include developing a content strategy that supports and extends marketing initiatives, ensuring all content is on brand, creating a functional content calendar, overseeing writers and strategists, performing ongoing testing to assess content effectiveness, and more. Click here for more details

Food + Drink

Food and Beverage Associates. Dormont’s Moonlight Burgers recruits Food & Beverage Associates to take food and beverage orders, manage food, clear tables and manage customer transactions. Pays $19-24/hour. Click here for more details
Fondant specialist. from Pittsburgh Bethel Bakery is hiring a full-time Fondant Specialist. Responsibilities include covering custom, wedding and tiered cakes with fondant; prepare fondant items; operation of software and computer equipment relating to fondant; help other decorators; and more. Click here for more details

Cashier. Pittsburgh Food Truck Charcuterie Haskel, celebrating “all that’s good about Jewish charcuterie, but on wheels,” is hiring a part-time counter clerk. The position will be responsible for food truck window work and food preparation and cleaning. Pay $17/hour plus 100% tip. Click here for more details
Divers and Cooks. Washington’s Landing Restaurant Redfin Blues is looking for full-time and part-time dishwashers and cooks. Salary starts at $14/hour. Click here for more details


summer gardener. The Eden Hall campus of Chatham University recruits seasonal summer gardeners in Gibsonia. Responsibilities include cutting grass, blowing leaves, hand weeding, planting annuals, etc. Click here for more details

Events Coordinator. on the north side National aviary is looking for a part-time Seasonal Events Coordinator to coordinate private and corporate facility rentals. Responsibilities include coordinating event hospitality logistics throughout the day, assisting with marketing and fundraising event planning, delivering effective introductions to potential clients, and more . Click here for more details

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