The Pandora Strip Club will open next week; neighborhood councils still oppose Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Life


The owner of Pandora’s Adult Cabaret told community councils on Tuesday that he plans to open the strip club after the July 4 vacation.

The Maple Leaf and Wedgwood community councils have publicly declared that the club, located at 8914 Lake City Way NE, is illegally licensed.

But Joe Walker told the councils he had traveled through most of the city looking for a site where a strip club would be allowed.

According to an article posted on the Wedgwood Council website:

The meeting followed a request from Mr. Walker, who posted in the comments section of several community blogs he would like to meet to discuss his 27 years in the adult business world. Mr. Walker’s entire old experience was with Talents West, owned by the Colacurcio family, where he was the head DJ at Sugar’s, Honey’s and finally Rick’s Strip Club. Mr Walker explained why he thought the infamous Rick’s Strip Club was so hated by neighbors and the immediate surrounding community, as well as why he thought Pandora’s Adult Cabaret would be any different.

This gesture by Mr. Walker has been praised by community councils; However, that didn’t change our claim that Pandora Adult Cabaret should not be licensed by the city.

The board post also noted that although strip clubs cannot serve alcohol, the Shanty Tavern next to the club can. “Currently the Shanty is open two evenings a week, but Mr. Walker acknowledged that that could change depending on what the owner of the Shanty Tavern wanted to do. However, Mr Walker’s approach is that he would rather have drunk men / women come in and sober up at his club than driving elsewhere.

We are awaiting a response from the City to our email of June 15 and our joint letter of June 21 detailing our opposition to the issuance of the permit.

The full advice article can be read here.

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