The Pocklington Community Volunteer Group is calling on people to help with future emergency incidents

The Pocklington Community Group is calling for people to join its database of volunteers.

Pocklington Community Volunteers, which rose to prominence during the Covid pandemic by helping deliver groceries and medicine to vulnerable people in the area, hopes people will sign up to its local database of volunteers.

In addition to emergency incidents, the group would like to attract more residents who can volunteer their time to a number of different community projects.

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The new call has already paid off with more than 30 community-minded individuals joining the group within the first 12 hours.

Zoë Hodgkin, from Pocklington Community Volunteers, said: “There are times when the community wants to come together to support others.

“These can be incidents such as missing persons, severe weather incidents such as floods, snow, etc., or other times when a large number of helping people can be extremely beneficial but must be professionally managed.

“This is where we can bring in volunteer responders to work with emergency services and councils etc.

“We are looking for members of the community to sign up to be notified of any incident requests where a large number of people are called upon to support various incidents that occur in and around the city.

“These are specific one-off incidents where other organizations like emergency services, councils etc. asked for help from those in the community.

“We also ask community members to participate in other volunteer requests that are not specifically related to an ‘incident.’

“You have so much to do when you volunteer in our beautiful community.

“To date we have supported attendance at community events, litter collection, support for charity requests, parking assistance at flu/covid clinics, organizing community projects, l help at the People’s Pantry and much more.

“A general volunteer role is for anyone who just wants to get involved, it’s not role specific, it’s more based on your availability.

“We appreciate that individuals don’t sign up for every invitation and that’s fine – you will always be invited and it’s up to you whether or not to sign up for this volunteer opportunity.

“If you are looking for specific rather than generic opportunities, these will be advertised for you to register as they arise.

“As a Pocklington Community Support Volunteer, you will have the chance to meet new people and make friends, as well as being part of an amazing team of volunteers.

“It would be ideal if you could volunteer on at least two requests a year. No special skills are needed as we will show you what to do for each request, the most important thing is that if you sign up for an opportunity you show up because we are counting on you for that day.

“If you have a particular experience or interest, let us know, it can be useful. It’s really easy to start your volunteering. If you are over 18, just click “Apply” and fill in your details!”

Visit to learn more via the community group portal.

Click here for more details.

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