Two community volunteers recognized by the City of St. John’s



The City of St. John’s presented the Building Healthy Communities Volunteer Award.

Hannah Murphy is the youth recipient and Charlie Murphy is the adult recipient.

The awards recognize volunteers who seek to improve the well-being of the city’s citizens.

Hannah Murphy volunteers with the City of St. John’s Together in Movement program, as well as with Dr. Michelle Plowman’s Recovery and Performance Laboratory.

She says it’s fantastic that the city recognizes volunteers in this way and that all volunteers are proud of their impact.

Charlie Murphy is an activist and volunteer who was co-host of the P-Flag St. John’s Local for 10 years, a peer support group for the 2LGBTQIA + community. He is the co-founder of Raise up Fundraising, which has helped raise over $ 40,000.

He says volunteering is a team effort and it stands on the shoulders of many who came before him.


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